Report Ties Most Common Lung Cancer With So-Called Light Cigarettes

May 23, 2017

© Alexey Vecherniy | Dreamstime

The dangers of smoking on your health have long been known and while smokers are lured into a falsehood that light, low tar and ventilated filters are a safer cigarette, researchers say those same cigarettes made smokers more vulnerable to what is now the most common form of lung cancer.  A report out from Ohio State University tracked an increase of adenocarcinoma, a cancer that occurs deep in the lungs, from a near obscurity 50 years ago to becoming the most common lung cancer today.  Interesting enough, cigarettes with tiny holes in their filters were introduced 50 years ago and vigorously marketed as a healthier ‘low tar’ and "light" option. Filter ventilation holes allow smokers to inhale more smoke containing higher levels of cancer causing chemicals and other toxins, they believe and are pushing for the FDA to ban the use of cigarette filter ventilation holes. The government has already banned the terms "low tar" and "light" from marketing of cigarettes. The findings are reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.


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