Report: Robots Responsible For Loss of Jobs And Lower Wages

March 29, 2017

© Matthias Weinrich | Dreamstime

We may have gotten it wrong about our robot overlords and them enslaving mankind.  According to economists at MIT and Boston University, robots are doing the exact opposite of enslavement, they're replacing us in the workforce.  Data collected between 1993 and 2007 shows that for each robot activated, three to six human jobs are eliminated. That means roughly between 360,000 to 670,000 U.S. jobs have been lost due to automation.  But it's not just jobs, its wages.  Robots have lowered wages by up to half a percent annually in areas where man has been replaced by machine and it appears that even more robots are coming online to further reduce the needs of humans.  While robots have replaced many blue color jobs in manufacturing and production (like vehicle assembly lines) over the past three decades, technologies such as driverless vehicles moving products and people as well as the emerging drones programs by retailers to deliver everything from pizzas and packages will be targeting new sectors of the workforce, which experts expect robots working in the US could more than double by 2025.

SOURCE: The Verge

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