To Remember Something, Say it Out Loud

December 5, 2017

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime

Never seems to fail that you forget why you went into a room, or the name of the person you were introduced to minutes ago.  Well there's a fix for that, say it out loud!   Researchers at the University of Waterloo tested 95 students over two semesters using four different methods: reading silently, reading aloud, hearing someone else read aloud, and hearing a recording of themselves read aloud and found those reading the information aloud to themselves emerged as the most effective memory method in the test, which involved trying to remember a list of words. It supports the "production" effect, which is the repetition of words aloud instead of in silence and confirms that learning and memory benefit from active involvement. The researchers say that the findings could help seniors looking to boost their memory, where reading out loud, along with other mind-engaging puzzles and crosswords, may be a way to slow down the disease. So next time you are getting up to go into another room, say out loud what you're going to do once in there and repeat a person’s name once you learn it!

SOURCE: Newser

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