A Refrigerator That Dispenses Wine From The Door

December 15, 2016

© Helder Almeida | Dreamstime

Time has announced that President-Elect Donald Trump is the Person of the Year.  However a 28-year old woman from England named Claire is should get Honorable mention.  Her innovation hack of turning her refrigerator's water dispenser into a white wine dispenser has nothing short of brilliant.  Claire and her boyfriend Joe decided to take a big step in moving in together.  So the couple bought a house and with buying a house comes buying all the stuff the does inside of it. As they were shopping for a refrigerator, they spotted the perfect model, with a cold water dispenser.  Which made this model appealing was that you didn't need to hook up a water hose.  Instead there is a water bin, where you fill it up with warm water and the refrigerator cools it down.  It didn't take long for Claire to come up with other items to dispense besides water.  The couple decided to fill the water reservoir with white wine.  Shortly after filling it up, their refrigerator was pouring chilled wine like a gentle waterfall of happiness.  The couple says after running some water through the system, you don't even taste the wine after draining the bin. 

The photos have been retweeted over 35,000 times.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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