A Reason To Not Stir The Creamer In Your Cup Of Coffee

April 19, 2018


It's part of your daily routine.  Pour coffee in your cup, add some creamer and perhaps a packet of Splenda and mix it all up with a spoon.  But what if you skipped the spoon stir altogether?  Coffee connoisseur, Joel Kahn, suggest you try it this morning.  While you won't have that uniformed color, you'll get to see the natural movement as the coffee and creamer mixing together and that's delightfully satisfying.  Plus you'll experience a slightly different flavor with each drink; sometimes the coffee is almost black, sometimes its half creamer, and that dynamic flavoring is a great way to perk up first thing in the AM. The "don't stir" method is the morning-beverage equivalent to tasting a glass of California Cabernet before and after you’ve let it breathe. Take a sip and think about how it has evolved since your last sip. Now you’re not just using coffee to deliver caffeine into your system; you’re getting your brain moving and thinking, which is really the best part of waking up.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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