A Reason To Ditch The Metal Grill Brush

April 2, 2018

© Flavijus | Dreamstime

As you get the grill ready for the numerous cookout sessions you may want to ditch the metal grill brush. The sharp, thin metal bristles of grill brushes end up in your food and then in your throat, from where there is "no surefire way of removing them," say surgeons.  Lisa Wadden was eating a burger cooked on a grill and noticed something pierce her throat. The instantly felt pain and every time she swallowed the felt pain.  N x-ray showed a thin wire about 1.5 centimeters long, which had become embedded in her throat. Over four months, she had multiple CT scans, X-rays, scopes and two unsuccessful attempts to remove it through surgery. Finally the doctor said it was best to wait for scar tissue to build up around the wire and lessen the pain. So ditch the wire brush and opt for a grill stone or a copper scraper.

SOURCE: Boing Boing

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