Real Robo Call Blockers Now Available for Apple IOS 10 Phones

September 13, 2016


Apple has begun to release its new operating software, called IOS 10 today and for the first time ever, real relief from unwanted "robocalls" will be available for your iPhone.  Nomorobo made waves last year when it became the first winner in a call block contest sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission, however it only worked on landline phones.  Now that Apple has allowed 3rd party app developers to access your contact lists and call records, the technology is aimed to cut down on unwanted sales calls.  Nomorobo works by scanning all incoming calls and checking the number gains a vast crowdsourced blacklist of known and suspected robocallers, and stops your phone from repeatedly ringing if it determines the call is likely spam. Other app developers are expected to follow suit with their own versions of call blocking apps.  However if you are wanting to block annoying robocalls now, download the app after installing IOS 10.  After the 30 day trial, the service costs $2 a month billed through iTunes.  Nomorobo is developing an Android version of its software and will be available soon via Google Play.

SOURCE: Innovateli

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