Real Life Hardcore Game Of International Tag!

June 26, 2018

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime

One movie you may have seen recently is Tag, where five adult friends play a highly competitive game of tag. Apparently there is real life games of tag and just as they do in the movie, people go to the extreme. Drew McEwan lives in southern Scotland and was part of his niece's christening.  The ceremony was outside and while the family was posing for a picture, the photographer notice a gardener was in the shot.  So Drew went over to ask the gardener to move and was stunned to find out it was Georgina Wilkinson who promptly touched Dews and proclaims, "You’re it!"  Drew, Georgina and six other have been involved in an international game so f tag since meeting in China four years ago. Georgina is hardcore as she caught a flight from the United States to Scotland for this stunt and returned back home the same day and reportedly didn't miss a day of work! Drew had found out his two brothers and sister were in on the game and arranged for Georgina to make the surprise hit. While Drew was upset to b betrayed by his own blood, his sister, whose daughter was being christened said she enjoyed helping Georgina with the elaborate hoax. Georgina thanked the Angela for “allowing me to ruin a cherished family occasion. In particular Angela for offering up her daughter’s baptism in the name of fun.” She added: “Sorry Drewbs, you are now... IT.

SOURCE: Daily Record [see video]

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