A Random Act Of Kindness Restores Your Faith In Humanity

June 22, 2017

© Allihays | Dreamstime

A heartwarming story that will definitely restore your faith in humanity.  23-year old Alonzo Johnson never thought he'd be famous, he was just being a kind soul to a frightened elderly man.  Las week, Alonzo was at the Holyoke Mall in Holyoke, Massachusetts and was walking past the mall's escalators where he saw an older man hesitating to get on it.  As a line of people began to build behind the 83-year old man, Alonzo stopped and asked him if he needed help getting on the moving staircase. The man quietly started to explain to Alonzo that he had gotten stuck on an escalator once and was a little scared of it. Alonzo comforted the man and assured him that he'd help him get from the second to the first floor and held out his arm.  The man looked at Alonzo and grabbed his arm as the two timed their steps to catch the escalator.  So touched by the random act of kindness, Paula Accorsi Picard captured a photo of the young man helping the old man down the escalator.  in no time, the photo and story went viral and Alonzo found himself engulfed in kind words.  He admits that he had no idea anyone was watching him and said he never expected his actions to reach so many people.

SOURCE: MassLive

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