Radiation-Blocking Underwear Is Here

November 15, 2016

© Nitsuki | Dreamstime

The modern cell phone has evolved the way we communicate, as seen nearly every day where most people place it up to their ear, play with it in their hands or store it in their back pocket.  As convenient as they make our lives, there are reports questioning the radiation of radio waves these wonders of technology use and the negative effect these radiating waves cause of fertility; in particular to the male reproductive system.  Although there is no actual scientific proof that cellphone radiation affects male fertility or causes any other health issues, it still is a concerning factor to many .But there may be some relief thanks to a new line of underwear unveiled at the Consumer's Electronic Show called Spartan.  The boxer briefs are designed to protect your manhood from radiation. The inventors of Spartan underwear designed a high-tech fabric which weaves anti-bacterial silver fibers into the cotton blend to create an electromagnetic shield, similar to the shield used in microwave ovens. After some trial and error, the underwear was tested and shown to effectively block over 99% of all cellular and Wi-Fi radiation, therefore offering a kryptonite shield that still is supportive and stylish.  However that protection comes at a cost, with one pair of Spartan underwear sells for nearly $50 at the company’s web site.

SOURCE: Mashable & Spartan