Quick Ways To Remove Halloween Makeup From Faces

October 30, 2017


Halloween is less than a day away, which means your little trick-or-treaters will be putting on their costumes, suits, wigs, facial make up, glitter, fake blood and grease paint.  However getting all that stuff of your kids’ faces and bodies may be a lengthy chore at the end of a bust evening.  So we found some advice of getting out of costume as fast and painless as possible. While makeup removal works for your regular makeup, many costume makeups are heavier and may need some extra help. Rubbing alcohol is excellent for removing makeup stains from skin, clothing and other textiles, and hard surfaces like countertops. Apply the alcohol to a cotton ball or pad, or to an old washcloth, and dab at the stain, repeating as needed until the makeup is gone (just remember to keep it away from the eyes, nostrils and any sensitive area of your child. Then, go over the area with a damp cloth or sponge to remove the residue from the rubbing alcohol. You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove spray-in hair color. Again apply a small amount to the stain using a cotton ball or soft cloth, then wipe away with a damp rag or flush with cool running water. You can also buy rubbing alcohol in a bottle with a spray nozzle for quick application. Fake blood is generally food coloring and corn syrup and here again running alcohol works in removing stains from fabric. Finally for glitter that got on the countertop or carpet, try using a lint roller, masking tape or silly putty to remove the glitter as a vacuum may end up spreading glitter all over your house!

SOURCE: Offspring

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