Put The Brakes On Workplace Burn Out

April 19, 2017

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Being burnt out at work is not healthy, productive or fun! If you find yourself fee ling isolated, skipping lunch and breaks, being overly negative, unable to complete basic tasks, unable to concentrate, avoiding co-workers and unexplained absences are all signs you are burnt out.  Now we know the signs but how can you fix it? Here are some tip from experts you can start doing today to recharge yourself and refocus your energy.  First, take a deep breath.  As simple as that sounds, taking a breath means to stop what you are doing, close your eyes and focus on your breathing in and out for a few minutes.  Taking time to slow down and focus on your breathing calms down the fright/flight response which occurs in your brain.  Know the difference between good and bad stress.  Good stress is getting specific tasks completed (like prep for a meeting, setting up a plan of success, etc.).  Bad stress is that overwhelming feeling that things are spiraling out of control. That bad stress can lead to more serious issues like anxiety and depression.  Once again, take a breath and focus on yourself and not your tasks to center yourself. Exercise is a good way to burn off bad stress, even just a walk around the block.  Use some of that accumulated vacation time, even for a day if you need. Finally, lean to say no. being overwhelmed can start by not saying no to extra projects or offering assistance and when you say no, don't feel guilty saying it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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