Puppies Transmitting Potentially Fatal Bacteria Strain

October 5, 2017

© Michael Pettigrew | Dreamstime

Puppies are adorable and it's nearly impossible to not stop and pick one up.  However you should exercise caution as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) say puppies are transmitting potentially deadly bacteria infections via contaminated poop to the humans who handle them, with 55 people now sickened in an outbreak reaching across 12 states including Florida.  What makes it even harder to detect is that puppies show no sign of infection.  Campylobacter is a bacteria that causes people to develop diarrhea (sometimes bloody), cramping, abdominal pain and fever within two to five days of exposure to the organism.  The symptoms can last for up to a week and is especially dangerous to children and those with compromised immune systems.  13 people have been hospitalized because of the bacteria since September. The CDC advises you to wash your hands thoroughly after touching dogs, their poop, or their food. Take extra care that children wash their hands carefully after playing with puppies or dogs. Pick up and dispose of dog poop, especially in areas where children might play and contact your veterinarian if you notice any signs of illness in your puppy or dog.


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