Pumpkin Carving Tips For A Longer-Lasting Jack-O-Lantern

October 19, 2017

© Alexander Raths Dreamstime

With less than two weeks until Halloween you may wonder when is the best time to carve your pumpkin and transform the orange gourd into a jack-o-lantern.  A hallowed out pumpkin will last anywhere from five to 10 days before it attracts flies and mold begins its rotting stage.  However we have some tips to keep your jack-o-lantern a little longer.  First it starts with the pumpkin.  Choose one without blemishes and firm.  Once you have scooped out the insides of your pumpkin, give it a spray coating of peppermint dish soap as peppermint is an anti-fungal and will slow down its rotting process.  Even better would be to submerge your carved pumpkin in the kitchen sink with some peppermint dish soap overnight as it will also re-hydrate your pumpkin.  And when on display, try to shield it from breezes and wind as the less air is circulated around it, the slower it will grow mold. Also opt for a battery-operated light source instead of a candle to lessen the chance of your jack-o-lantern causing a house fire.


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