Publix Recalls Pot Roast After it's Discovered It's Actually Meatloaf

October 9, 2017

© Iqoncept | Dreamstime

If you though your Publix Homestyle Beef Pot Roast with Seasoned Gravy seemed an awful lot like meatloaf, you'd be correct.  The supermarket chain announced that the recall of its 15-ounce plastic tray labeled “Publix Homestyle Beef Pot Roast with Seasoned Gravy” is because a mix-up at the labeling machine caused the meatloaf packaging to be used instead.  Besides the shock of anticipating pot roast and heat up meatloaf, it can be an issue for those food allergies, since while meatloaf has bread crumbs and soybean oil, pot roast doesn’t. Affected packages have a lot code of 72487338, and a case code of 09080/43303, and the USDA establishment number on the label is 17789B. The “Use by/freeze by” date is Dec. 4, 2017. You can return it to any Publix for a refund.


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