Publix Quietly Making A Big Change At The Deli

February 8, 2017

© Robyn Mackenzie | Dreamstime

Some changes are coming to your favorite Publix store.  In fact you may have already notice it but thought it was just a fluke the last time you were at the deli.  When you asked for a half pound of oven-baked turkey, sliced thin, the traditional "first slice" wasn't offered to you for a tasting.  It is no fluke my deli meat friend.  Publix is quietly changing its policy of offering a free slice of deli meat when you order. According to Publix, the change is to create "a more natural exchange between our deli clerks and our customers."  The free slice will be replaced with a visual scan of the desired thickness.  Now before you throw up your hands in anger, Publix says you can still chew of that first piece of deli meat.  You just have to ask for it, but the days of the automatic free sample appear to be over.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times

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