Public Wi-Fi Safety Tips

June 22, 2018

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Precious data minutes! While they provide us with a gateway to the world from anywhere you can get a cellular signal, they can be costly if you go over your allotted amount for the month.  That's why WiFi hotspots are so popular and there's an ever-growing field of free WiFi spots. But these WiFi hotspots are open to the public and that means your device can be open to some mischievous people looking to steal from you.  SO here are some public WiFi protection tips for you. Because the connection is not encrypted for privacy, avoid working with sensitive data. It may be a good time to check the news or read your favorite blogs, but it’s probably not the best time to do your online banking. Not every public Wi-Fi network is created equally. For instance, that free WiFi at the airport is not super-fast.  Instead opt for free WiFi offered by one of the coffee shops, stores, or retailers in the airport for better performance. If using a laptop, turn off file sharing in Windows and macOS, enable your system’s built-in firewalls and keep internet-connected apps and services to a minimum. Finally, if you simply do not need to connect to the world, turn off your device's WiFi.  After all, that's the best way to keep your info private and add more time to your battery too!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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