The Prosecco Smile Can Lead To Tooth Decay

September 5, 2017

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We grew up hearing that soda would ruin our teeth and now that we're grown up we're reminded the same thing can happen drinking wine. Imports of prosecco, a sweet sparkling wine from Italy has risen over 31% from last year.  The popularity of this beverage has created a new term, the prosecco smile.  The grapes used to make prosecco contains a lot of sugar, which yeast consumes to create alcohol but not all of that sugar is consumed leaving what is called residual sugar.  Mix in the acid in alcohol to all that residual sugar makes the prosecco is prime for tooth decay, which is evident of a white line just below the gum line. Of course prosecco is not solely responsible for tooth decay as all sugary drinks such as sodas, ice tea, sports drinks and juice are created equal in damaging your teeth.  However not all prosecco is created equal.  To minimalize the amount of sugar in that sweet sparkling wine, opt for a brut over an extra dry version, which sounds strange considering dry red wines contain the least amount of residual sugar.  But that doesn't translate in sparking white wine world where a brut contains up to 12 grams of sugar per liter while dry versions have up to 32 grams of sugar. If you have a love affair with dry prosecco or any sweet wine, you can chase your wine with some water to help wash away the sugar from your teeth.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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