Proper Way To Pluralize Your Last Name

November 1, 2017

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Now that Halloween 2017 is in the history books, it's time to focus on the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In keeping with tradition you should be putting together your Christmas card list and the agony of remembering the plural rules from your high school English class so that your card comes from the family.  Two most common mistakes when pluralizing your last name is adding an apostrophe and creating an apostrophe catastrophes. Using an apostrophe to your last name makes it possessive, which is incorrect, considering you’re wanting to pluralize your last name. So ditch the punctuation and in most cases simply add the letter s.  However if your last name ends in the letter S, X, Z, CH or SH, then you'll need to add the letters "es" to the end of your name. For instance GONZALES, which would look really weird with an additional s at the end of it, works out perfect by adding "es" to spell GONZALESES.  Your A+ move gives it a perfect pluralization even though your spell check will want to add an apostrophe!  Also remember not to remove letters to add new ones to pluralize. For instance, if your last name is Daisy, you wouldn't drop the y and add "ies", you'd simply add s.

SOURCE: Southern Living

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