Program Swaps Elderly Drivers Licenses For Ramen Noodles

December 2, 2016

© Dpimborough | Dreamstime

A sobering fact of life in America is that older drivers, especially those 70 and older are at an increased risk of a fatal car accidents.  The same is true for many other countries, including Japan, which has one of the highest elderly populations in the world.  It is very hard for someone to hand over their driver's license but Japan may have tapped into something more important than independence, widely accepted discounts.  Starting this month a program designed to reduce the number of car accidents involving elderly drivers will swap out driver's licenses for a discount card.  The car offers deep discounts for nearly 200 restaurants on ramen noodles, a staple in Japan, It also offers discounts at beauty salons and barber shops and more.  It also keeps in mind that older people still want their independence, so the card extends for buses, trains and taxis too.  Although senior citizens involved in fatal car accidents has decreased over the years in the United States, drivers have been hanging on to their licenses longer, which could indicate a potential increase in accidents as drivers age.

SOURCE: Miami Herald & Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

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