Professor of Play Sought At Cambridge University

January 18, 2017

© Christos Georghiou | Dreamstime

Who says you can't play at work?  There's only a couple of days left to apply what could be the most coveted job in education, the LEGO Professor of Play at the prestigious Cambridge University in England. The LEGO Foundation, which owns 25% of the LEGO group that produces plastic toy pieces, most notably found when walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, has given the English University a nearly $5 million donation for the development of a program that explores child play and its role in education. The university is planning to offer the role to an academic who specializes in educational psychology.  Someone who is playful, extremely curious, open-minded, imaginative and creative – someone who can think of new ways of doing research in the importance of play and how playful learning can be used to improve students’ outcomes. But hurry, the application to become the newly dubbed, Professor of Play at Cambridge University must be filed by Friday, which includes an estimated yearly salary of $109,000.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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