Professional Pooper Scooper Busted For Impersonating a Secret Service Agent

October 28, 2016

© Project007 | Dreamstime

Apparently picking up dog poo doesn't pay a decent wage, which would explain why you'd want a hotel discount.  But pretending you are a Secret Service agent to obtain it wasn't a good idea.  It would make more sense if being a professional pooper scooper was his cover but 53 year old Christopher Diiorio of Pittsburg pleaded not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy, using a false badge and a fraudulent official seal after flashing a fake Secret Service ID card to a police officer who had pulled him over for a broken tail light.  According to court papers, Diiorio, who is the owner of Doodle Scoopers, a professional pooper scooper service, obtained the fake ID online and had used it earlier to obtain a "government rate" at a hotel stating he was an agent of the United States Secret Service. If convicted, he could spend as many as 15 years behind bars.

SOURCE: US Disctict Court-Western Pennsylvania & AP

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