Probiotics May Help In Relieving Seasonal Allergies

April 30, 2018


Being an allergy sufferer, you know that seasonal allergies varies from year to year. While allergy medications seem to help they don't work fully and adding to this misery is that what worked last year to control itchy eyes, runny noses and scratchy throats doesn't seem to work this year.  Some real relief may be on the way thanks to probiotics.  While probiotics are beneficial for your digestive system, scientists say there may be a link between the good gut bacteria and your seasonal allergies. Analysis of 23 different studies found a connection with those with seasonal allergies who took probiotic supplements or ate foods containing probiotics showed improvement in their allergy symptoms compared with allergy sufferers who took a placebo. Researchers theorized that the probiotics changed the balance of bacteria in the intestines, which in turn protected the immune system and prevented allergy flare-ups. The group of scientist presenting their findings caution that more studies are needed but a talk with your doctor about probiotics may not be a bad idea as a way to find relief from seasonal allergies.


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