Pre-Cook Your Proteins To Save Time During The Week

October 10, 2017

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After a long day at work, yoga class and picking up the kids from practice, it can be a struggle to find the energy and time to make a nutritious and healthy meal for you and your family.  However a little prep work after your weekly grocery store trip can save you lots of time throughout the week.  Probably the most versatile food item is ground beef, chicken or pork (especially when you find it on sale). But rather than stick it in the fridge or freezer uncooked, go ahead and cook it.  Simply add a basic salt and pepper to the mix, cook it thoroughly, let it cool, place in baggies and stick it in the fridge (if you're planning on using it within a day or two) or freezer.  Then when you decide to make chili, there is no need to pull out your frozen meat for thawing, which may or may not be ready when you need it.  Cooked meat can be thawed in the microwave or added to other ingredients you are cooking, which not only saves time but clean up in the week is that much easier since your protein is already cooked.  Cooked frozen meats should last upwards of 4 months in the freezer.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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