Is Potty-Training From Birth A Good Idea?

December 15, 2016

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Most parents start the training when their children are between two years and three years old. But a growing trends among parents is to start potty training at birth.  While practiced in many Asian and African countries, most modern parents relying on disposable diapers until their child is 2 to 3 years old.  While it take a bit more work, parents that begin training immediately says they can tell when their child has to go to the bathroom and take the baby to the potty chair.  The benefits of not having to change to buy diapers is appealing but the switch off is time and the more frequent accidents; especially in the younger ones.  Jill Williamson, who runs workshops for mothers and fathers wanting to potty-train earlier, said her son and daughter were fully potty-trained before they were two.  However some Doctors disagree with the practice and point to studies that found some children develop a habit of ‘chronic holding’, in which they resist the urge to go to the toilet, leading to constipation, bladder problems and urinary tract infections. And those most prone to the condition are those who were potty-trained early, especially before the age of two. In any case, consult your pediatrician about the idea and remember that every child is different.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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