Potato Chip Maker Sued For Bags of Air

April 7, 2017

© Hanhanpeggy | Dreamstime

It's one of life's biggest disappointments, opening a puffy bag of potato chip to find most of that puffiness was just air.  While knowing all chip bags are sealed with extra air to keep the chips inside from being crushed, two separate lawsuits say one chip maker is putting in too much air resulting in deceptive business practices.  That is the allegations again Wise Potato Chips.  The lawsuit alleges Wise intentionally leaves their potato chip bags 58% to 75% empty and that we've been overpaying for chips that are filled less than halfway up the bag. In other words, the bags a deceptive in looking bigger for a weight of chips that is much smaller. All chips are sold by weight but Wise in particular has been the focal point of disappointing numbers of chips after opening a bag.  The lawsuits have been filed in New York and the District of Columbia.

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