The Potato Chip That Costs Nearly $12 Per Chip

October 21, 2016
potato chips

How much as you willing to pay for a potato chip. Not one that looks like Jimmy Fallon or Elvis but a gourmet chip. A Swedish microbrewery, who take a lot of pride in their work have created a companion for its beer that cost roughly $12 per chip. St. Erik's Brewery sold just 5 of these pristine potato chips, individually encased in a in a long narrow box that sold for $56.  So want’s in a potato chip that costs $11.60 per chip?  The recipe for the chips was dreamed up by chef Pi Le. The ingredients include matsutake, one of the world's most sought-­after species of mushrooms, and a special truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands that can be found only in cold tidal waters. Each chip was individually cooked to make sure the ingredients were balanced out.  Although it seems a bit much for a chip, the limited run of 100 boxes sold out within minutes.  So far no additional plans to re-create the masterful, and quite pricey, potato chip.


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