Posting a Peace Sign Poses Risk Of Identity Theft

January 12, 2017

You wouldn’t think snapping a selfie could lead to your identity being stolen but that is the new warning from security experts.  It comes down to your phone's camera.  With most new phones packing a 12 mega pixel camera or more, it means when you zoom in on that selfie, you see a lot of detail, including your fingerprint, if you so happen to have your hand in the picture say Japanese scientist.  Those who casually show their palm or make the peace sign are at the highest risk. And it doesn't have to be a close shot, zooming in on a picture taken up to 10 feet away can provide enough info to use your print to access your information.  That print can be used to access an array of secure features from your phone to bank accounts.  Although there have been no reports of thieves stealing fingerprints it may not be a bad idea to change some habits when posing for a photo you want to share to the world.

SOURCE: International Business Times

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