Positive Thinking Linked To A Longer Life

July 21, 2017

© Mary Katherine Wynn | Dreamstime

It may be time to try seeing the glass as half full, even if you aren't in the best of health. According to Stanford University, people who view themselves as less healthy than others are at risk of suffering a premature death; no matter how active they actually are.  This is the result of analyzing the survey results of over 60,000 adults spanning over two decades, which asked, "Would you say that you are physically more active, less active, or about as active as other persons your age?" When health data from participants was analyzed 21 years later, it was revealed people who saw themselves as less active than others were up to 71% more likely to die compared to people who thought they were more active than their peers. The study highlights our minds power to improve the overall health of our bodies.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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