Pose With Mom In Your Dating Profile Picture Increases Matches

May 14, 2018

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day and hopefully you took a few pictures with Mom.  Good!  Now use that picture with mom as your profile picture to increase your chances of finding true love. The dating app, The League, found that users who include photos with their mothers in their profiles have a 7% higher match rate than those who don't. While users like to see things like high-powered jobs, education, and a desire for a relationship in profiles of other users, being family-oriented is a plus, too. For men, posing with mom indicates that he treats his mother well and is likely to treat women well in general. For women, seeing your mom in your profile offers a peak into what you may look like when you get older. The dating app offers some tips for posing with mom.  Make sure the photo is recent and no older than three years, selfies aren't advised but action photos, like hiking, cooking or any shared hobby are great. Finally, holiday pics are a plus, particularly if they are playful and feature holiday-themed PJs.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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