Popular Copper Mule Mugs May Be Causing You To Get Sick

August 8, 2017

© Tracy Decourcy | Dreamstime

A Moscow Mule is one of the new trendy drinks that are being served at bars and at a get together.  In fact you may have been gifted a set of mule cups over the holidays.  They're hard to miss as they are made of copper and that is a problem, says the US state department.  They have issued a warning that copper and copper alloys are poisonous if consumed. It seems the metal leaches into food and drink if the pH level of the liquid falls below 6.  By comparison, tap water can fall between 6 to 8.5.  Moscow Mules pH level falls below 6 which means these specialty cocktails could be giving you food poisoning.  However you can protect yourself if you fancy a mule. If the mug is lined with another metal, such as nickel or stainless steel, then the copper cannot leak into the food or drink and you are safe from sickness, well at least from the copper.  But before you take a sip, make sure your mug has a lining before you start to drink.  That goes for copper–cooked foods too.