Poo Emoji Becomes A Toilet Plunger

July 26, 2016

There are many emojis but only one leaves a lot open to interpretation.  Is it chocolate ice cream?  Is it chocolate frosting for a cup cake? Or is it pile of poo? For most, the smiling brown swirl is undoubtable a quick way to get your point across in a text message that you are full of it.  It also became the inspiration for a new line of toilet plungers.  The Poo-Plunger works like your traditional toilet plunger with a rubber cup attached to a wood stick.  However the Poo-Plunger's rubber half-sphere is in the shape of the poo emoji; complete with eyes and a smile. The poo Plunger will set you back about $25 and is taking pre-orders at its Kickstarter page.

The Poo-Plunger creators are taking pre-orders

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