The Polite Way To Get Party Guests To Go Home

December 19, 2017

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Nothing can ruin a perfect party than the lingering guests.  Those who are enjoying themselves so much that you take it as a compliment. But let's face it, you're exhausted and are ready to call it a night.  Fortunately we've consulted Mary Berry, a former judge of The Great British Bake-Off and the author of more than 75 cookbooks, she knows how to entertain.  Her advice is to begin dropping subtle hints.  Gently starting to clear things away, close curtains and blinds. If that doesn't work, begin dropping some hints by saying, "Gosh, you've got to go to work tomorrow morning!" or "Shall we summons an Uber?" But your guests is still sitting on your couch.  Time to take it up a notch with passive aggressive statements like, "'Do you think you're going to stay? If so, we'll open another bottle of wine?" Your final ploy is to do what you've wanted to do since the majority of your guests have left.  Simply retire to you room and go to bed. Although by that time all bets are off and be a blunt as possible.  Just make sure your guests travel safely home or wherever they go to next!

SOURCE: Kitchn

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