Police Officer Drives Grief-Stricken Man 100 Miles To Be With Family

September 28, 2016


The tension between police and the public has been strained lately, but it is so important to remember not to judge an entire group of people and professionals based on the actions of a few bad individuals.  Take the story of Mark Ross, a young black man who lives in Detroit. Early Sunday around 3am he got a phone call that we all dread to think about, his 15 year old sister has been killed in a car accident.  Sadly mark wasn't in town to be with his family, he was two states away in Indiana.  Being it was early Sunday morning the only logical means for Mark to get home quickly was in a car but there was a problem.  Mark didn't have a car nor a license to drive. Mark's only friend available at the time to help, had a suspended driver's license. Mark himself had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.  It seemed hopeless and the thought of not being with his family when they needed each other most prompted Mark, trying to hold back the tears and cries of pain, to beg his friend to accept the risky proposition to drive him home.  Knowing the risks, and while speeding home on the highway Sunday morning, an Ohio State Trooper clocked the car exceeding the posted speed limit and the car was pulled over.  Mark knew he was in trouble, not only would the driver be arrested and teh car impounded, he would be too based on his outstanding warrant. However once Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison arrived on the scene and heard of the untimely death of Mark's sister, he did something Mark never though a white police officer would do.  Trooper Robinson began to pray with Mark and for his family and offered to drive Mark the remaining 100-plus miles back to Detroit so he could be with his grieving family.  Mark's gratitude wasn't lost once home.  He shared on his Facebook page, in a post that shared the story and ended with, “Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful [sic> for this Guy. He gave me hope.“ He later stated in an interview that the white officer's gesture was " so overwhelming." Trooper Robinson also told Mark he would like to attend the funeral to pay his respects.

SOURCE: Inside Edition

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