Police Mimic A Simpsons Cartoon Gag To Catch Criminals

January 3, 2018
police lights

The Simpson TV Show is the longest running TV show in history and recently there have been people linking current events to episodes of The Simpsons that aired two decades ago.  From The Walt Disney Company buying Twentieth century Fox to Super Bowl matchups, Super Bowl halftime shows, and a Trump presidency. Now they either prognosticated police tactics in 2017 or the police are using silly gags from The Simpsons to arrest criminals. It appears the show may be the muse for an ingenious way to catch criminals who are wanted.  The Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Department used the Christmas time of year to catch wanted criminals.  But instead of calling out the SWAT team, they sent out an invitation!  It offered free champagne, wine, Christmas pudding, and other goodies to all who came by a specific location "in the spirit of Christmas".  Al they had to do is show up to collect them!  However when the criminals showed up, they were greeted with metal handcuffs.  "Operation Holly" ended up catching 21 criminals on warrants from burglary, fraud and drunk driving.  What makes it oddly like another Simpsons reference was it was the same type of scheme in the 8th episode of the 9th season, when Chief Wiggum and the Springfield Police offered a free motorboat as a prize for a raffle to every wanted person in Springfield, but it was all a clever ruse. The Los Angeles Police also used a Simpsons-inspired caper to catch criminals back in 2009.

SOURCE: Brobible

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