Police Catch Speeders Disguised As Road Construction Workers

August 25, 2017

© John Roman | Dreamstime

Be mindful of your speed while driving through a construction zone.  Drivers in Pennsylvania had quite a surprise zipping by a parked Department of Transportation truck Wednesday.  While you'd think it contains a road construction worker, it actually was a state police officer with a radar gun. The ploy is part of the state’s Operation Yellow Jacket program, where state police officers are stationed on the side of the road in a state road construction truck, wearing a construction hard hat and clothing in an effort to catch people speeding.  One the construction vehicle clocks a speeder, the state police officer calls out a description of the car to marked patrol cars about a mile down the road, who make the traffic stop. The program also points out how the dangers to workers of speeding cars and trucks in road construction zones. In all, 25 speeding tickets were issued. The speed trap was along a section of road that has seen three speeding fatalities this year, compared to four fatal crashes that occurred there the last five years combined.

SOURCE: TribLive

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