Police Break Into Parked Car To Rescue Trapped Wig In Back Seat

October 24, 2016


There have been many states, including Florida, that allows the public to break into parked cars if they suspect a child or animal is trapped inside. The law may not have been at the top of Jasmine Turner's mind, until Suffolk, Virginia police broke her car's window to rescue a trapped child inside her car.  Although last week was unusually warm for the area, with temps in the mid 80s, there was only one detail that didn't make sense to Jasmine.  She had no child and no child was in her locked car parked at Northern Shores Elementary School.  Jasmine was at a department store with her boss shopping for school supplies when she received a call from police called her, saying there was a child inside her vehicle. Puzzled, Jasmine tried to understand the call as anxious police inquired how long it would take her to return to unlock her car.  She said about 5 minutes but that was too long.  Police smashed her passenger side window to rescue the child.  it was then they realized it wasn't a child, it happened to be Jasmine’s wig on top of a pile of blankets in the back seat.  Once Jasmine returned to the school she found no police officer around, only her car with a broken window, her blankets and her wig. The police department says they notified Jasmine about the damages to her car and gave her contact information for the City’s Risk Management Department to get repairs.


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