Pokemon Go Breaks Records and Causes Headaches

Glitch Lists Home as a Training Area

July 14, 2016

It’s official-- "Pokémon Go" is the biggest U.S. mobile game ever. The app attracted 21 million active users on Tuesday (July 12th), the biggest U.S. audience for a mobile game ever, surpassing those who use Tinder and coming close to beating out daily users of Snapchat and Twitter.  The game uses your GPS position and points out where Pokémon characters are located, according to you position, and you capture them.  It has it's glitches.  Bad news for Boon Sheridan, a designer who lives in Massachusetts. Boon, his wife and the couples' cats like to make their home in unique places; at one time turning an old convenience store into their house.  Last year, they moved into their latest property, a 19th century church that was converted into a church. However the developers of Pokémon Go list his home as a “gym,” a place in the game where you can train with Poke balls and capture Pokémon. Boon noticed this error when he download the game last Friday but didn't give it much attention, until the next day, when people started showing up at his house. People are walking up to his home, idling their cars and all pointing their phones at his house while playing the game for about 10-15 minutes at a time. The developers use public landmarks, like churches, to post Pokémon characters and to use them as training grounds too. Sadly, no one bothered to check that his home is no longer an active church and there is no way to let the developers correct the mistake.  

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