Play Music With These Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

October 10, 2016

© Dzmitri Mikhaltsov | Dreamstime

Looking to add some entertainment at your next dinner party? Consider purchasing the major scale music wine glasses. You may already know wetting the tip of your finger and gently rubbing it around the rim of a glass can produce a sound, but did you know that depending on how much liquid is in the cup changes the tone, or note, of the sound?  That's where these nifty wine glasses can help.  Each win glass has lines on the side that correspond with notes on the musical scale. Place a little wine and get a low A, a little more produces a low G. The more you add the higher the note. sells these musical glasses in sets of two at $65, along with sheet music so you can channel your inner Chopin or re-create the Sandra Bullock talent show scene from Miss Congeniality.

SOURCE: Uncommon Goods

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