Plastic Straws Can Be A Lingering Environmental Headache

July 7, 2017

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You never give much thought to a plastic straw.  They're included in fast food bags and come in all sorts of drinks.  However many straws, like many plastics, end up in landfills where after 200 years it will decompose.  But more pressing than two centuries in a garbage heap, straws find their way into the marine ecosystem, they're eaten by fish and birds that mistake them for food. Considering summer is the peak straw season, the environmental group, One Last Straw, has launched its "no straw" campaign.  By simply asking for your drink to be served without a straw and posting it online, the group hopes the customer's request will keep unused straws out of landfills and the food supply.  They suggest restaurants and bars to use paper straws instead and for straw-lovers to use a reusable straw while at home. Yes, you can recycle straws.  Just make sure they’re cleaned before placing in the recycle bin.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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