Planning For A Smaller Thanksgiving Crowd

November 15, 2017

© Eugene Bochkarev | Dreamstime

The final stages of the Thanksgiving menu is in place and traditionally we view Thanksgiving as a big gathering of friends and family.  But what if it’s just a couple people?  Considering most recipes and food items are designed for half a dozen or more people, it can leave quite a leftover dilemma that end up in your trash.  It's easy to hit the deli and ask for extra thick pieces of turkey that you can serve like it was carved or just order individual turkey legs if you like dark meat. And make mini pies with muffin tins but the real challenge comes in preparing a time-loved favorite food from Thanksgivings past.  Cutting down that recipe can result in foods not having the right taste and texture. When it comes time to actually scale the recipe, weight measures, preferably grams, are easiest to work with. But let's be honest, most recipes call for teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, which can be tricky if cutting in half or 3/4.  But don’t despair because there are several conversion apps for Apple,  Android and Alexa.

SOURCE: Skillet

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