Pizza Scented Bath Salts Turn Your Tub Into A Pizzeria

May 31, 2017

© Antongepolov | Dreamstime

Who doesn't love pizza?  The smell alone can make your mouth water.  Speaking of water, now your bath tub can smell like a freshly cooked pizza pie. A Japanese company, Village Vanguard is selling bath salts (no, not the bad drug kind but salts that are made for the bath tub).  For about $3 a package, you can pour the salts into the tub and with seconds that plain unscented bath water is transformed into your favorite pizzeria.  It's not the first time a fast food has been turned into a scent.  Remember when White Castle created a scented candle?  Or when Cheetos and Burger King created colognes?  Village Vanguard thinks their pizza scented bath salts will be a hit, along with other bath salt scents that smell like pot stickers and beer.  So if you like the scent of pizza but dread the calories or perhaps you need a yummy gift for someone (Perhaps you could surprise Dad with these items for Father's Day), you may have found the perfect match.  Pre-orders for these scented bath salts are available but you may want to find someone who can read Japanese as there is no English site at the moment.

SOURCE: Hello Giggles

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