Pizza Hut Set To Release Shoes That Order Pizza

March 8, 2018

© Stephen Coburn | Dreamstime

Yes, it's true!  Pizza Hut has created a pair of high top sneakers that can order pizza for you. The second generation Pizza Hut "Pie Pops" connect via Bluetooth to the Pizza Hut app on your phone.  Simply press the button on the tongue of the right shoe and it will signal the app to order your saved pizza and within minutes you pizza will be delivered.  But ordering pizza isn't the only thing these shoes will do.  The button on the left shoe can be connected to your TV app and pause your show, or the basketball game as Pizza Hut is the official pizza of the NCAA college basketball tournament. The Pie Tops come in red or wheat color and various sizes and will go on sale for a limited time starting March 19th online at the Hypebeast web site.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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