Picture Shows Alligator Riding The Back Of A Manatee

December 14, 2016

© Naluphoto | Dreamstime

While most of the country prepares for some of the coldest air from the artic ever, meanwhile in Florida, we have an alligator hitching a ride on top of a manatee!  It appeared that way for Dana Menk, who snapped a picture while at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City of what appears to be a fairly large alligator taking a free ride on top of a Manatee.  However a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission expert on manatees said the alligator wasn't actually riding on the sea cow's back, it was just swimming directly above it. Apparently both animals were search in for some warmer water when they became swimming buddies for a bit. The FWC said the manatee was not in any danger from the alligator, as gators generally will not see adult manatees as prey due to their large size and shape.

SOURCE: Local 10

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