Pickle Lovers Rejoice Over All-Pickle Restaurant

January 10, 2017

© Subbotina | Dreamstime

Proof there is a restaurant for everyone, look for a new eatery in New York that serves nothing but pickles.  Yes, brine and dine with our favorite vinegar-soaked cucumber as it is about to move from a topping to the main course.  It’s all thanks to the people behind The Pickle Guys, who have created a cult following for their gourmet pickles. So far, the menu is still in the works but the stop manager leaning toward focusing on various types of fried pickles, okra, mushrooms and tomatoes. The Pickle Guys restaurant is set to open in March or April is to be set up for mainly "to-go" orders but there will be a limited number of high top tables.

SOURCE: Delish

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