Picking Fruit At Its Peak Flavor

July 24, 2017

One of the frustrating tasks of grocery shopping is picking fruits and vegetables that are at their peak.  Ask 10 different people on how to do this and you'll probably get ten different responses. For instance, one tip is to smell the melons, but what are you smelling for?  According to melon experts, melons should give off a light, flowery, fragrant scent. Shaking a honey dew or cantaloupe melon to hear if the seeds are loose is also a good sign it's ready to eat. You usually give a tomato a firm squeeze as its freshness test but how about smell?  Ripe tomatoes should have a sweet-ish garden-fresh smell. A ripe raspberry should always be bright pinkish red.  Take a peek inside the hollowed area and if you see tiny dark spots you know they're on their way out and past their prime.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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