Photographer Captures Wrong Marriage Proposal

May 12, 2017

A moment in time only happens once, so it makes sense that people look to professional photographers to capture precious moments in time such as an engagement. Jacob Peters was hired by a man who was planning to propose marriage at Whitaker's Point, a popular place in Ozark Forest in Arkansas.  The job could be described as tough as Jacob had to be ready for the couple, who were scheduled to arrive at 6am.  The photographer hauled his gear on foot for about an hour and a half to Whitaker's Point in the pre-dawn hours and was ready to capture the proposal on film right at 6am.  A few minutes after 6, a couple came to the point and the man asked his girlfriend to become his wife.  Jacob captured it all!  He packed up his gear and left the couple so they could enjoy the sunrise alone.  Later in the day he texted the man to congratulate him and to let him know his photos were ready.  However the man was puzzled and responded by saying he never saw the photographer.  The man admitted he was late and seemingly not too upset Jacob wasn’t there since he and his finance were more than an hour late. Come to find out, the photographer took pictures of the wrong couple and Jacob wanted to find out who he photographed.  After a Facebook post, a surprised couple claimed the pictures a couple of days later.  As fate would have it, that man had hired a photographer but he had backed out the night before.

SOURCE: Mashable

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