Phone Feature Will Alert You When Someone Else Is Looking At It

November 29, 2017

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

How can you tell if someone is looking at your phone?  The new Google Pixel will alert you with a rainbow vomit picture!  Google calls the feature an electronic screen protector and it will use the front-facing camera of the Google-Pixel phone, along with eye-detecting artificial intelligence to detect whether more than one person is looking at the screen. The camera will tke a quick selfie that includes the extra set of eyes and place the rainbow vomit sticker on them! The creators claim it works with different lighting conditions and poses, and can recognize a person's gaze in two milliseconds. The new gaze-detection software has big privacy implications. The researchers note that it could be turned on when reading sensitive information or watching video in a public place.

SOURCE: Quartz

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