Phone App Wakes You To The Sounds of Songbirds

April 14, 2017

© Steve Byland | Dreamstime

There is something about hearing birds chirp first thing in the morning that just puts you in a great mood.  Now thanks to technology, you can download the Dawn Chorus app and awaken to the sounds of birds singing. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg deveoped the app using archives from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library, which represents the world’s largest archive of animal sounds. You can choose up to five birds from the 20 that are available to gently waken you from slumber.  You can also learn more about each bird with a short description displayed on your phone.  The alarm does come with a snooze feature of 10 minutes.  So far, only one bird is available per alarm setting as developers hope to incorporate multiple birds in the next update.  Download the free iPhone and Android apps.

SOURCE: Hyper Allergic

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