Petty Thieves Prevented Second Bomb From Exploding In NYC

September 20, 2016

The war on terrorism creates strange allies.  By now you know about the bomb that exploded in the Chelsea section of New York City, injuring 29 people, SAturday night, September 17, 2016.  You may have also heard that there was a second explosive device that never went off.  Why that second device never exploded can be thanked to petty criminals, who unintentionally defused it before it exploded.  According to police, the pressure cooker bomb was inside a rolling suitcase that was left on West 27th Street. Closed-Circuit TV captured two well-dressed men stumbling upon the case, opening it up, throwing the bomb in the trash and wheeling off the suitcase. Investigators believe they inadvertently disabled the explosive by disconnecting a wire or dislodging a component while removing it from the suitcase and toss it in the garbage.  A few hours after the first explosion, Jane Schreibman discovered the discarded bomb in the trash and thought it was a science experiment.  Attached to it was the cellphone that was supposed to detonate the bomb.  She immediately called police to report her finding.  Thanks to petty thieves and Jane's discovery, police were able to identify Ahmad Khan Rahami through pictures and addresses on the phone and was later arrested and accused of making the bombs. 


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